Mohammed and Salwa share their talent

Mohammed and Salwa share their talent

The Kensington Neighbourhood House runs a Local Talent Program which is designed to bring local people together to create connections.

Each month we invite a local resident to come and deliver a one-off workshop on the topic of their choice. In the 18 months that we have been running this program we’ve uncovered a lot of hidden talent.

Most recently we had a Syrian couple Mohammed and Salwa Sharabah run an Introduction to Middle Eastern cooking workshop.

Mohammed and Salwa arrived in Australia as asylum seekers and first came to the Kensington Neighbourhood House to enrol in English classes. It wasn’t long before they joined our Healthy Living & Learning Program and we discovered their passion for food and cooking.

Mohammed and Salwa were meticulous in preparing for their workshop ensuring that their recipes were grammatically correct and that there would be sufficient food to go around. Food preparation began the day before with the soaking of chickpeas and fava beans.

On the day of the workshop participants were treated to a Syrian feast of falafel, tabouli, hummus, fava beans and halwa cheese. Mohammed and Salwa were the perfect hosts; sharing their stories, cultural traditions and giving tips on where to find the best ingredients.

Kensington resident, Patricia, attended the workshop and said “I thoroughly enjoyed the Syrian cooking class … the hosts were absolutely lovely and I really enjoyed the food”.

Mohammed and Salwa also enjoyed themselves and said that they were pleased to be able to return same the generosity that they have been given since arriving in Australia.

The Kensington Neighbourhood House is currently looking for presenters to be part of our Local Talent Program in 2018. Workshops are two hours in length and can be on anything from cooking to business skills. We don’t want to define the topic, that’s up to you. If you’ve got something interesting to share we’d love to hear about it. Give us a call us or download a Local Talent Expression of Interest form here.

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