Never too old to learn

Never too old to learn

The average age of students in our new English class is 76! Proving that age is no barrier to learning, Chinese elders in our community have enthusiastically returned to “school” to build their English language confidence.

Kensington has a thriving community of Mandarin-speaking senior citizens, many of whom spent their initial years in Australia looking after grandchildren so that their own children could study and work. Now in their “golden age”, these elders are very keen to improve their English language skills and make new community connections.

With support from the Department of Human Services and their CALD Seniors Grant program, we introduced an English class specifically for Chinese elders in early August. Response from the community was overwhelming and we soon needed to expand to two classes in order to fit everyone in. Currently nearly 30 students attend every Tuesday afternoon – the youngest is 62 and the oldest is 87, showing that you are never too old to return to learning!

Each week, students practice English conversation skills, improve their fluency, pronunciation and vocabulary and discuss current events and the Australian way of life. As the program progresses, we will be introducing regular outings and activities as well.

Classes run on Tuesday afternoons from 2.00pm – 4.00pm and new students are welcome to join at any time.





  • 建立英语對話 信心
  • 增加词汇,改进发音,加强流利度
  • 認識澳洲式生活舆探讨时事
  • 增进與他人来往的信心


學習班将于Kensington Neighbourhood House星期二下午两点到四点開课。


名额有限,请速来電:9376 6366报名。谢谢



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