Huge gratitude to our Jack of all Trades!

Huge gratitude to our Jack of all Trades!

John Trewin has been volunteering at the Kensington Neighbourhood House for over 10 years. His unofficial title is “Jack of all Trades”, popping by to do whatever odd job needs doing. He had the original idea to start growing vegetables in our front yard 10 years ago, coming in every week to look after the garden, and this spawned what is now the successful Herb Share Communal Garden Program.

John believes giving back to your community through volunteering is essential for community cohesion and has many personal benefits; “by volunteering you get to be involved with something meaningful and purposeful as well as meeting people in your neighbourhood.”

John and his partner Ben (who is also a volunteer at the House) moved to Kensington in 1976 and bought their first house in Gordon Crescent for $14,000! John and Ben have since renovated 15 houses around Kensington and are stalwarts of the community. They have recently sold their house in Kensington and have moved to Docklands.

It is with great sadness that we farewell John this month as our ever reliable “Jack of all Trades” volunteer. As a committed community member, John has signed up as a volunteer at the Docklands Community Garden so he can meet his new neighbours and contribute to his new community.  John will continue as a student in our Wednesday Art class so we will still get to see his friendly face each week.

If anyone is interested in volunteering at the House we have many opportunities available. Please contact us on

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