Return to the Dollhouse

Return to the Dollhouse

Everyone that’s been to the Kensington Neighbourhood House will be familiar with our spectacular display of hand-sewn dolls hanging in our childcare space. This year to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the creation of the dolls we will be undertaking a new project, Return to the Dollhouse. It will be a replication of the original program but with the women of Kensington today as participants.

We are looking to recruit 20 Kensington women of different ages and nationalities to be our 2018 doll makers. These women will come together for ten weeks to tell their stories, share their culture and aspirations through the creation of a hand-sewn doll made in their image.

This project will also connect with some of the women involved in the original project to tell their story 25 years later. It will conclude with a public exhibition and launch of the dolls, stories and photographs.

If you are interested in participating in this project please telephone 9376 6366 or email

Thank you to the City of Melbourne for providing funding for this project through their community grants program.




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