2017 Student of the Year

2017 Student of the Year

When it came to deciding who our student of the year would be Melina Caccetta stood out. She stood out not only because she enrolled in nine different courses at Kensington Neighbourhood House in 2017 but because of her love of community and generosity of spirit.

Melina embodies the spirit of the Kensington Neighbourhood House. She’s friendly, warm, inclusive of everyone and LOVES a chat!

“Working part time has afforded me the opportunity to undertake further study on a casual basis, so the neighbourhood house environment is perfect for me,” says Melina. “I love the variety of courses on offer and the affordability.  Also, last Christmas my partner and I decided to ‘gift’ each other experiences rather than presents and he bought me a whole list of KNH workshops which was the best Christmas present ever!”

Born and raised in Kensington, Melina is a well-known local and the powerhouse behind the monthly Kensington Market. “The Social Media course helped me tailor and stream-line the marketing I do for the market”, she said.

Asked why she chooses to attend activities here, Melina says, “I love the one on one attention and the professionalism of the instructors.  The courses have both a fun and practical aspect and I really appreciate the relaxed, non-confrontational class setting”.

Pushed to pick her favourite activity for the year Melina says, “that’s a hard one, if I had to pick one, I’d pick the screen printing. It was really tactile and the teacher was fantastic”.

So Melina, what would your advice be to someone who was unsure about dipping their toe in the water at Kensington Neighbourhood House? “Just do it. Don’t feel intimidated, everyone is there to learn. Don’t let anything hold you back.”

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