Vivienne Bennett, resume support program

Vivienne Bennett, resume support program

Kensington Neighbourhood House’s resume support program provides one-on-one support to help people looking for work to write their resume. This program relies on dedicated volunteers. Vivienne is one of our volunteers and has been with the program since 2017.

I have a passion for helping people find work. If you have a passion for something it opens doors’.

Vivienne lives an active and busy life and first became involved in Kensington Neighbourhood House through Kensingers Choir, creative writing and social media courses. She has volunteered throughout her life and our resume support program was a perfect fit, given Vivienne’s career and interests.

Vivienne started out life as an elite athlete. At 14 she was the fastest girl in the world her age at the equivalent of today’s 100 metre sprint. She was destined for the Tokyo Olympics, but a pulled hamstring got in the way. She began coaching at 15 and continued to take on training and mentoring roles throughout her life, predominately in the airline industry. She has also volunteered tutoring students English.

Vivienne was a cabin crew manager for many years and navigated teams through rigorous training, numerous safety procedures and a few tense situations in the air! Vivienne recalls the airline industry being highly competitive, often with 400 applicants for flight attendant roles, going through multiple recruitment rounds, and very few getting through. In 1990 she merged her airline industry knowledge and training skills to create her own company, which helps many pilots and flight attendants with their resumes and recruitment preparation.

Vivienne loves volunteering as she meets people from all walks of life. She knows how to bring to light people’s skills and life experience and make their resume shine, empowering people to be confident in their abilities, often when they don’t have traditional work experience.

She loves the challenge of meeting someone and rejigging their qualifications and experience into a succinct resume and has a knack for recognising new skills sets or potential career paths that people may have not considered. She has helped many split their skills into multiple resumes for specific industries to hone in on finding jobs in those fields.

When asked why she volunteers, Vivienne says she loves getting out, meeting people and the challenge of focusing on a resume in a short period of time. ‘It’s like creating a magic trick sometimes, but I love the challenge.’ Vivienne is passionate about trying new things and keeping active. Today Vivienne still runs her business, regularly plays lawn bowls, dog sits Daisy, a Cavoodle and is contemplating training for the Australian Masters Games – the mature age Olympics. Go Vivienne!

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