Meet your neighbour

Meet your neighbour

On 24 March, Kensington Neighbourhood House is running ‘Meet your neighbour’ – an event where we will hear stories from locals who have moved to Australia. Georgina is one of our story tellers and has had a truly eventful life.

Georgina was born in 1933 and is originally from the Czech Republic. She arrived in Melbourne in 1950. She has lived in North Melbourne for many years and has an active social life, attending many clubs and classes including our Tuesday social movie group. She also regularly attends a gentle exercise class.

Georgina lived in a children’s camp from 15 -17 after WWII. This was tough but she has many happy memories from this time. In 1950 she came to Australia with many others from the camp. She had to work for two years under a contract to be able to live here.

Georgina trained as a nurse and remembers it was very challenging in the early years. Migrants were called ‘new Australians’ and there was a lot of racism and expectation to speak English. She and her husband bought a house in Regent in the early 1950’s and raised their three children there. Georgina remembers moving in with two suitcases and nothing else, so they had to be very careful with money to save for furniture. They lived there for 50 years and had many happy memories.

She has an incredibly positive attitude about everything – ‘I can do anything! If you asked me to go to Mount Everest I would do it. My mind always says yes but then I realise my body sometimes can’t keep up’. Georgina also says the key to a long life is having the right attitude; ‘Some people are happy because they have money and things, but I have an inner happiness that comes from inside me, I can’t explain it but I am so happy and have so much joy coming from my heart’.

Georgina has incredible inner strength and courage. She has been through a lot of challenging times in her life but makes the most out of life every day.  Georgina will be talking about her life on 24 March at the Meet your Neighbours event here at Kensington Neighbourhood House. Bookings are essential and are limited so don’t miss out!

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