2020 here we come

2020 here we come

Our Term 1 & 2 program for 2020 has been finalised and gone to press as we speak.  We’ve got some exciting new classes planned in addition to our popular regular programs.

Cas Anderson has been running workshops and creating performances in the community for over 30 years. She’s developed two new programs for KNH; one for adults and one for children. The former is a Women’s Storytelling course that focuses on family history. Participants will select a treasured memento or letter from a family member as the starting point and then explore the stories of these objects through a variety of media to create something new.

The later asks children “If you could have a super power, what would it be?” Each week children will explore their imaginary superpowers and what they can do with them. This will include movement, acting, writing, simple prop making and music.

We’ll be offering LOTE classes; Italian for adults and Spanish for children and bringing back Mosaics, an old favourite. There’s more of what you like, a new Book Group and new cooking workshops. We’ll be offering an Introduction to Bulgarian Cuisine as we continue to cook our way around the world. Hopefully there’s something for everyone.

Click here for the full program.

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