Promoting community ownership

Promoting community ownership

Neighbourhood Houses bring people together to connect, learn and contribute to the local community using a community development approach.

The Kensington Neighbourhood House (KNH) promotes community ownership and involvement in all aspects of its operations. We are governed by a volunteer Board of management who are responsible for the strategic, financial and legal aspects of the organisation. The majority of the Board are Kensington residents and some are regular house users.

KNH also has a Student Advisory Group (SAG) whose role it is to provide strategic feedback, advice and suggestions to staff to help ensure KNH continues to meet the needs and aspirations of the community, in particular those that are marginalised and disadvantaged. SAG members provide a representative voice for their peers and wider networks.

This year we’ve had students from our English language classes, parents who use our Childcare Service and other after school programs, a representative from one of our Seniors Groups, a volunteer and participants from our recreation programs sit on our Student Advisory Group.

The SAG meets once a quarter to discuss topical issues, issues in the broader community and existing programs and facilities. Most recently we discussed social isolation and loneliness in the lead up to our Social Inclusion Week lunch.

Adrienne Farrow, a current member of our Student Advisory Group says, “Being a member of the student advisory committee has provided me the opportunity to represent my peers in the community at the Neighbourhood House. Also it has been valuable personally to learn about and understand other members of the group and their view points with regard to the community.”

KNH also regularly seeks feedback from all house users and works with partner organisations in the community to understand the needs of the whole community.


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