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Kensington Repair Hub

The Kensington Neighbourhood House is part of a group of organisations that have established this initiative. Pop up repair hub sessions occur at the Kensington Town Hall on Sundays between 11-3pm on set dates. Bring down items to be repaired such as clothing, jewellery and small wood items, and small electronic goods and computers (when repairers are available).


The Kensington Community Bike workshop

Occurring on the same days as the Kensington Repair Hub the workshops aim to to educate and empower local community members to learn to mend and build their own bicycles, making use of the workshop’s tool bank, spare parts library and facilitators training and help. The workshop will run as a supervised workshop space out of a hired shipping container located at the Kensington Town Hall.


McCracken Street Food Share Pantry

The concept is simple: give what you can and take what you need. This is a free food pantry for the community. Non-perishable, un-opened, items within the expiry date are accepted. Simply place donated items in the pantry. Open 24/7. This pantry has been established with the hope that it will be loved and respected by the Kensington community and become a source of much needed food.


Reconciliation Action Plan

We are collaborating with Farnham St Neighbourhood Learning Centre (in Flemington) in developing a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) that consists of numerous processes and activities. Our aim is to build meaningful, collaborative relationships with First Nations people and our local communities through this work. Get in touch if you would like to work with us or have ideas.


Community events

We run a number of free events throughout the year to celebrate our community. Come and join us to celebrate Cultural Diversity Week in March, National Reconciliation Week in May and Refugee Week in June.


Kensington Farm Collective

The Kensington Community Farm Collective is program focused on actively “farming” about 60m of local land available to relocalise and decarbonise our food. A collection of local organisations including Kensington Neighbourhood House are collaborating to share resources, knowledge and skills to bring our food source closer to us.This program is in response to the industrialised, land degradation, chemical pollution and high carbon footprint of our current food system.  Contact Esther on 9376 6366 for more information


Kensington Seed Savers

Kensington Seed Savers have a Seed Swap and Share at the Neighbourhood House. Drop off excess seeds that you have collected from your garden at the Seed Swap. If you are looking for seeds to grow in your garden check what is available in the Seed Swap. Our aim is to collect, share, swap and store seeds from Kensington Gardeners.

For more information go to the Kensington Seed Savers Facebook page.