2018 Student of the Year

2018 Student of the Year

Hamida Abdi has been attending classes at KNH for the past three years and is currently a student in our English and Work Skills Level Two class. Her teacher, Chris McPherson says, “I’ve always found her to be an enthusiastic and thoughtful participant in her classes. She is never afraid of making mistakes as she understands this is an important part of learning much more besides an additional language.”

Hamida is also a member of the newly established Student Advisory Committee, representing the views of students and providing advice and input on various matters. Chris says, “she is consultative, thorough in her preparations and her reports from the meetings have been informative and considered.”

She is well liked by her fellow students and has been chosen by them to represent the class on several occasions.

This is more than enough reason to be student of the year, however on top of this, outside of the classroom Hamida has supported KNH through a number of programs in 2018 and into 2019, going above and beyond and generously contributing to the Kensington community in many ways.

Hamida has come to be known as a ‘go to’ person at KNH as she is so well connected to the community. She is always putting her hand up and saying yes to support house activities and programs. She has supported all four of our Community Connections events that celebrate cultural diversity – either through connecting us to local experts or being involved in the events herself.

Sharing her love of cooking, Hamida ran a workshop on making Somali sambusas as part of our Local Talent Program and provided catering for our “Around the World in 80 Minutes” event held in Cultural Diversity Week.

Outside of KNH House Hamida is a regular at The Venny and is also part of a Food Forest team that maintain the garden and compost in the Kensington Housing Estate. She has just enrolled in a Certificate of Individual Support and would like to work assisting elderly people in the future. Combine that with  raising six children demonstrates what a strong and capable woman she is.

Hamida has an infectious positive energy and lights up the room when she enters. We are very proud of Hamida and lucky to have her as part of the Kensington Neighbourhood House community.

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