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Volunteer of the Year 2021

Meet Lillian Hull.

Lillian could just as well have been our Volunteer of The Year in 2018, 2019 or 2020 – that’s how long she has been supporting our community at KNH!

Lilli’s first volunteer role was as a tutor in our Family Literacy Program, providing intensive literacy support to young school children along with their parents. From 2018 to 2020 she worked with multiple families to build reading skills and encourage a love of learning. Lilli was also one of the first to put her hand up for “extracurricular” volunteer roles – fetching, carrying and washing millions of dishes at the 2019 Kensington Community Festival.

When the pandemic put the Family Literacy Program on hold, Lillian could

have retired from volunteering. Instead, she chose to join Study Support and Strong Foundations, where she has become a vital part of the program.

“Strong Foundations is a place for kids to come where they feel like it’s ok to make mistakes. For me as a volunteer, I like to focus on helping build confidence in their reading and writing skills. It is wonderful to watch kids come out of their shells once they realise that their skills are stronger than they think!” says Lillian.

“When I was a child my family moved cities quite a bit, so because of my disrupted schooling I had to do one-on-one tutoring in primary school. It wasn’t an enjoyable experience for me. I wish we’d had access to something like Strong Foundations back then.”

Our Study Support Coordinator, Nicole Johnson, has loved having Lilli on board. “When I started working at KNH in June 2021, Lilli was the volunteer tutor who welcomed me with open arms, made me feel comfortable, and was great to have a laugh with. Her dedication, commitment, and outstanding support that she provides to the students is something to be admired. 2021 was a challenging year due to the impact of Covid-19, and her willingness to evolve with the program in an online setting was just the support and encouragement that I needed! I feel an overwhelming sense of pride when I see Lilli working in the program and alongside her fellow tutors and students. Not only is she a brilliant tutor, but she is a dear friend.”

For her part, Lillian gains as much as she gives from volunteering. “I really like coming to Strong Foundations since it means I get to meet people that I normally wouldn’t during my day to day life. There’s no organic way to run into and befriend many of the parents since we have such different schedules. It’s really nice to have a laugh with people in my suburb who share my values. I live away from my cousins and their children, so getting a chance to spend time with young families makes me miss my family a little less.”

We are very grateful to have to have retained Lilli as part of our volunteer team for so many years. She is a champion!


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