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Kensington Neighbourhood House Says Yes!


The Uluru Statement From The Heart invites us to walk with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people on the journey to a better Australia. Kensington Neighbourhood House accepts this invitation.

We acknowledge that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are one of the oldest, ongoing, living cultures in the world. We heed the call of the Uluru Statement for a “fair and truthful” relationship with the people of Australia, where First Nations people are honoured and respected.

Kensington Neighbourhood House was started by local women seeking empowerment and safety. Since 1975, our house has responded to community needs and advocated for community involvement in all decisions affecting Kensington.

We believe communities thrive when they control their own destiny. We believe that every community member has the right to be heard and to have input into decisions that will impact their lives. Our house is committed to community development.

At its core The Voice is community development on a national scale. It will allow Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to give advice on issues that directly affect them.

Kensington Neighbourhood House supports the Voice to Parliament. We accept the invitation to walk alongside our First Nations communities on the journey to Treaty and Truth.

For more information on the Yes campaign please visit:


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