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Kensington CommunityFresh Food Market

Updated: Jan 29

Our community is establishing a local fresh food market. Local residents, urban farmers and community gardens can bring their locally grown fresh food produce and contribute it, either for sale, seek a donation for it or share it.

The market builds on the existing food initiatives in Kensington to create greater food security, sovereignty and resilience in our community.

Our local fresh food market:

  • Allows residents/gardeners with surplus fresh food grown to share or sell it rather than it potentially going to waste

  • Provides an alternative healthier and cheaper local option for fresh food

  • Builds on our communities skills in food growing and distribution and foster community connections

  • The market is run by volunteers!

You'll find us in "Skinny Park" (Bellair Street).

Saturdays 10am - 12pm

2024 Dates

3 February

2 March

6 April

4 May

1 June

6 July

3 August

7 September

5 October

2 November

7 December

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