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Kensington Neighbourhood House

Established in Kensington in 1975

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The Kensington Neighbourhood House was established in Kensington in 1975 as a meeting place for the community and its various groups. Today we offer a range of adult education, art and hobby, social, children’s activities, childcare and health and wellbeing programs. The Kensington Neighbourhood House is a place to meet, share information, develop skills and break down isolation and other community barriers. Each year we welcome over 1,000 locals through our door to connect, learn and create with one of the 70 programs we offer.

The Kensington Neighbourhood House strives to be the leading provider in Melbourne of adult education, personal development, community building and childcare programs.  We remove barriers and empower people.



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Kensington Neighbourhood House

Established In 1975

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